Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am a sewer, knitter, crocheter, quilter,painter, beader,crafter of all things textiles-paper-leather and grandmother of 13 ,all of whom like to make things with ''stuff''.
I have a LOT of ''stuff''.
George Carlin said
"All your house is, is a pile of stuff with a roof on it.''
Welcome to the roof over my stuff.


  1. As I work my way through 35 years of saving ''stuff'' preparing to downsize, I'll be disposing of, selling stuff, recycling my stuff (and my husbands collection of vintage telephones and American Flyer train set circa 1949).

    Hang on to your hat this will be a bumpy ride...pulling hen's teeth is the term that comes to mind.

    I'll be including tips I know and new ones I'll learn along the way. I'll post photos both before and after.

    We are conscientious recyclers and upcyclers (so much cooler than re-users).

    What do I do with the photos of a lifetime?

    I welcome your input and ideas and experiences.


  2. Kathleen, maybe this will help.. Years ago I sorted my photos.. I gave to friends the ones they were in.. They were thrilled.. I made photo books of friends weddings & gave them at their anniversaries, they too were so happy... My children I divided up the family photos into their own albums with just a few left for myself. Now, I only print a few special ones & put the rest on DVD.. Hope that helps.. I'll be watching your progress.. I too need to do it... I just gave away 6 boxes of craft type stuff.. Years ago I gave a huge bag of crocheted squares, & all the sayelle & hooks to the Senior center. I saw it that summer finished as a blanket as 1st prize in their fund raiser, made me smile. Loretta

  3. thanks for the tip
    glad for your interest
    this is making me go step by step instead of my usual scattered sELf

  4. As I work at a big box book store...I scanned the Organizing Section for book helps.
    Alas they wanted to 'ORGANIZE ' me not help me purge.